Week 2 almost down - 4 weeks left

I've started to count the weeks rather than the days. Not sure why, but it just makes me feel better.

Surprisingly I feel very close to fine this week.  Radiation and Chemo going ok, I am tired easily, not much of an appetite, constipated,  but that's about it as far as side effects all so far manageable.

I'm hoping next week goes the same and fast. (fingers crossed)  


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Annabelle threw a punch at your cancer.
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I’m so glad your week went by quickly and easily. It’s great you are being treated at MSKCC. I hope the commute back and forth to NJ isn’t too difficult on you XO
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Great to hear, Sandy. Keep it up and keep us in the loop.
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Try taking magnesium one time in the morning for your constipation.
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Hang in there, treatment is almost 1/2 over!
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Week two Dow! WooHoo! You are doing great. Good to hear. Big big hugs
That is great news. I hope the same.
Glad you are doing so well!
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