Lesson Learned

I bring a dozen cupcakes for my radiation team on Friday as a thank you for helping through a very difficult and humiliating radiation treatment each day (damn dialator....argh)

However, I made the mistake of giving them the cupcakes prior to treatment rather than after.  They usually come right in when radiation machine stops, but this day it took them a little longer since they were distracted by the cupcakes.  I was laying on the table like, "Hellooooooooo????"

The lesson of the story:  Give gifts after treatment, not before.


Annabelle, Nathan threw a punch at your cancer.
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Good to know! I take biscotti to my CR doc, final visit coming up in Oct. He will miss me! I know the staff loves your kindness, maybe too much, lol
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That’s sweet and I’m sure they were loving every last bite! If this dialator allows you to have sex afterwards with ease you are going to be so thankful for that damn thing after the fact! Nearly every woman on here has had significant stenosis and after a ton of PT im still going to have corrective surgery when I hit the two year mark, it’s the most annoying / frustrating side effect. I literally said it 100 times over again that I didn’t understand why they don’t give you a dialator during treatment so I’m pumped for all of my new AC sisters are going to get to use this technique now...although I empathize with the awkwardness for sure! And good advice about the treats AFTER they get you off the table 😂
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Thanks KIm, I remember your comments every day which really helps get me through the awkwardness (although it's becoming old hat now..) lol
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Wait a minute. I want to hear more about this. What do they do? Dilation during treatment?
You are so sweet!!
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hi Sandy, I am gonna bring an assortment of Frenchy type pastries to both my radiation team and my chemo team probably toward the end of this coming week..... WAAAAY TO WEAK TO DO IT NOW.

your starting your 3rd week, it does go fast.....just keep looking forward no matter what

we are all pulling for you
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Absolutely correct - cakes and treats after treatment!
I’m all for taking in a cake every so often, makes their day I’m sure.
Don’t worry about the dilator, if it helps after you will be so happy. I had a couple of ‘accidents ‘ on the table. I definitely think that’s worse! Hang in there, you’re doing great
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