Checking in from Hell

Over the last 2 weeks have been hopitalized for the side effects from treatment.   I have massive uncontrollable diarrea, vomitting and complete gastro shutdown.   I have resolved myself that I may need to go daily to sloan for hydration treatment in order to get through this.   

Can you tell me after your last treatment how long did the radiation side effects last?

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Re: uncontrollable diarrhea, be sure they have ruled out a C. Diff. infection, which I suffered from toward the end of my treatment. Best to you Sandy, and keep us posted.
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hi, that test has come back neg 2 times
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At least they’re testing, that’s positive. Hang in there girl. I know it’s horrible and seems like it will never end, but then it just does. Things will get better day by day. Sending positive thoughts your way.
I am so sorry the side effects are so bad. They are bad but you seem to have gotten an extra dose of badness. My husband is on 5 FU which is similar to what you are getting and he too was hospitalized for the side effects. He had diarrhea and could not eat or drink a thing. He went to the hospital daily for for hydration. Finally his body adjusted some and although it's not great he can now eat and drink plenty of water. There is light at the end of the tunnel for you, keep the faith. Stage 1 is good.

I'm sending prayers and positive energy your way. Thinking about you daily. Keep in touch.
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Im so sorry!!!! One week after treatment I started to feel a bit better...the second week I was notably feeling better. I slept more in that month after treatment than I had before, my body was trying to recover. The BM’s will suck for an extended length of time but slowly and surely things WILL get better and you WILL be cancer free thanks to this torture. I’m sending you all of the good vibes. xo
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I had my 2nd week of chemo after my radiation finished so it kind of amplified the late effects. But that said, within a couple weeks after treatment ended, I was amazed at how quickly the radiation burns and blisters healed. I continued to deal with gut issues ( buy l-glutamine powder about $10 at Walmart in the supplements area) and take 1rounded teaspoon 2-3 times a day in juice or other liquid. Big hugs!! You’re on the home stretch. You’ll survive this!!
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I’m on l-glutamine too, recommended by UCLA nutritionist.
Lucky, what did nutritionist recommend l-glutamine for?
2 years post treatment, I started having periodic extreme bouts of pain and bloating in my gut (for me, right at belly button level). The l-glutamine heals the gut mucosa which can be damaged by chemo/radiation. Hope this helps!
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So sorry to hear you have had such a rough time. I hope you are nearly done with your treatment. I had a rough time at the end too, but was lucky enough to stay out of the hospital. I will tell you that at about 10 days after my treatment ended, I felt markedly better. Hang in there and get that hydration! Sending prayers and hugs.
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It really is HELL! I am so sorry. I remember thinking after my last treatment that it was over, but I continued to "cook" for 2 weeks. About day 14 -it started going the other way. Hang in there you are almost there. Congratulations on getting through the treatment. I am seven years out and although I read your post and remember like it was yesterday, my new normal is pretty good. Listen to your body and give yourself grace. take the pain meds, hydrate, sleep - it will be over soon!
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Two weeks after the end is difficult because I thought: It’s finished, why does it still burn? Gradually it went away, but boy, was I ever impatient ! You have every reason to be impatient and mad! It’s hell and back. But you are getting through it. Bravo!
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Oh no, that sounds awful. I hope it turns around soon.
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Sorry it has been so rough. 'My wife had the effects of the treatments for about two weeks after treatments stopped before she began to heal. Protein was key once she got her appetite back.
I had severe mucositis after 3-4 week and by my 5th week I ended up in the hospital in severe stomach pain with uncontrollable diarrhea. I had a bowel blockage and my wbc was .1. I had just finished my last chemo treatments but still had more radiation. I had an NG tube put in and ended up staying in the hospital for a month. When I got out I still had a week of radiation. I lost down to 87 pounds. I had a home nurse 3 times a week for 3 months come give me fluids and check on me. I could tell more horror tales, but that was almost 4 years ago and today I am on my 2nd trip to Ireland in 2 years- I still wear Depends for those just in case moments., watch what I eat and struggle with hip and joint pain. My life is different now , but there is a rainbow called life after treatment. It is torture now, but those days will pass. Keep going for IV fluids. Ask for medicine to keep your wbc up if needed. Do not hesitate to ask for pain meds. There are calorie supplements that are prescription that you can mix with drinks or jello. Get prescription nausea and diarrhea meds to help slow the flow. Remember your rainbow is just around the corner.
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Oh my Lord Laura, you really DID walk through hell. That must have been awful for you. Mucousitis is the absolute pits. And then your Mom got sick on top of all that.😘
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It was three days after the end of radiation that my burns settled down. Sitting in the bidet with warm water & salt was a godsend. Apart from tiredness my only other major side effect was diarrhea. To start with I never really left the house but gradually I ventured out, with a pad, & my emergency pack of clean underwear etc. planning my route where I knew I could access bathrooms easily. Seven year out now & I still have the odd moment (think it is diet related) but I still eat & drink everything) What I am trying to say is that it will get better & you will live with your "new norm" You do sound as if there is some sort of infection but good that the medics are keeping a check on you. Hugs Annabelle
At the end of radiation, I went to bed for about 10 days waiting for my poor rear end to heal. Then the healing came really fast. I certainly didn't have as rough a time as you are experiencing, but my bowels were in a terrible way. I must have had a BM about 5-8 times a day, depending on my diet. I pooped into warm water using a sitz bath, and that was really good. Now I'm just 2 years out and life is good! You are going to get through this time really soon, trust us, we've been there too. Big hug to you!
Thinking about you Sandy and wondering how you are doing. So sorry that the end of your treatment has been so rough. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way!
Late reading this post. Feel so bad u are going through hell but u should be finished by now. Hang in there Sandy. Prayers are with u. Thinking about u.
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